Ucloud Ping Speed Test

This online tool estimates the network latency from your browser to Ucloud Ufile data centers around the world.

Latency tests conducted on 4G network may not be acurate.

CloudFront CDN Edge Location: Unknown


Region Latency (ms)
Hong Kong hk
Taipei tw-tp
Lagos, Nigeria afr-nigeria
Sao Paulo, Brazil bra-saopaulo
Frankfurt, Germany ge-fra
Jakarta, Indonesia idn-jakarta
Mumbai, India ind-mumbai
Seoul, Korea kr-seoul
Singapore sg
Dubai, UAE uae-dubai
Los Angeles, US us-ca
Washington, US us-ws
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam vn-sng
Beijing cn-bj
Guangzhou cn-gd
Shanghai 2 cn-sh2

This is not an official project.