East Asia Cloud Ping

This online tool estimates the network latency from your browser to AWS EC2, Azure Storage Account, GCP Compute Engine, Alibaba OSS, Oracle VM, Tencent COS and Vultr VPS in East Asia.

Japan & Korea

Region Latency (ms)
Tokyo ap-northeast-1 aws
Seoul ap-northeast-2 aws
Osaka ap-northeast-3 aws
Tokyo jp-east azure
Osaka jp-west azure
Seoul kr-central azure
Busan kr-south azure
Tokyo, Japan asia-northeast1 gcp
Osaka, Japan asia-northeast2 gcp
Seoul, Japan asia-northeast3 gcp
Tokyo ap-tokyo-1 oracle
Tokyo ap-northeast-1 aliyun
Seoul, Korea ap-seoul tencent
Tokyo, Japan ap-tokyo tencent
AP Northeast tokyo2 linode
Tokyo, Japan hnd-jp vultr

Hong Kong & Taiwan

Region Latency (ms)
Hong Kong ap-east-1 aws
Hong Kong, China east-asia azure
Taiwan, China asia-east1 gcp
Hong Kong, China asia-east2 gcp
Hong Kong, China cn-hongkong aliyun
Hong Kong, China ap-hongkong tencent
Hong Kong, China ap-southeast-1 huawei